Student Government Committees

Academic Affairs

Academics Committee works with the administration to support student academic needs. They collaborate with the Office of the Provost and appropriate faculty committees on academic policy improvements, monitor student concerns and collaborate with departments such as IT, The Gateway Career Center, and Academic Resource Hub.


Budget Committee hosts meetings each week to allocate program funding for events hosted by student groups. Additionally, they distribute annual budget funding for regular operation costs of groups (distinct from programming costs).  They strive for equity and representation in their allocations.

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion Committee works in partnership with intercultural organizations, the Dean of Equity and Inclusion, and the Office of Intercultural Development to advocate for the well-being and success of individual students and groups of students who, because of their identity, experience marginalization in the community. They examine and explore opportunities to improve inclusivity on campus.

Greek Life 
Director shall be a member of a fully recognized Greek organization at Lafayette 
Greek Life Committee serves as a liaison between the governing bodies of Greek Organizations and the administration. They work with student leaders in and out of Greek Life to ensure that Fraternities and Sororities are an asset both to the students within them and the campus as a whole.

Public Relations & Marketing

PR & Marketing Committee publicizes Student Government initiatives to better engage with the student body and maintain a high level of transparency. They facilitate relations with Lafayette Communications Division as well as publicize Student Government actions, projects, and concerns to the campus through various forms of media.

Student Services 
Director will serve on the College’s Dining Services Committee
Student Services Committee oversees the broadest set of responsibilities of all the committees. They collaborate with Bailey’s Health Center, Dining Operations, Information Technology Services, the Library, Housing, and the shuttle operations to ensure that student feedback is appropriately heard and accommodated by all of the various student services offered by the College.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations Committee supervises students through the process of forming new clubs, advises existing groups, and works with the budget committee to best determine how to financially support student organizations. They also ensure that the Constitutions of all student organizations uphold basic College policy.

Director will meet once a month with the College Director of Sustainability or Sustainability Fellow
Sustainability Committee works with the Office of Sustainability and the Eco-Reps to promote the environmental sustainability of Lafayette, through coordinated programming efforts or advising student organizations and the College’s operations.