Student Government Committees

Academic Affairs

The Standing Committee on Academic Affairs concerns itself with the academic aspects of the College and is responsible for the administration of the Student Government Superior Teaching. Award.


The Standing Committee on Budget reviews student organization budget requests and recommends budget allocations to the Student Government General Body pursuant to the Student Government Budget Guidelines. The Committee is co-chaired by the Treasurer and the Chair of the Standing Committee on Student Organizations.


The Standing Committee on Communications initiates and develops a regular program to publicize actions of the Student Government and concerns to the campus. It facilitates the Student Government’s relations with the College’s Communications Division. The Committee is chaired by the Communications Officer.

Equity & Inclusion

The Standing Committee on Equity & Inclusion serves as a liaison between the Student Government and intercultural organizations, coordinates programming efforts with the Office of Intercultural Development, and examines and explores opportunities to improve inclusivity on campus.

Student Life 

The Standing Committee on Student Life oversees the broadest set of responsibilities of all the committees. It collaborates with Bailey’s Health Center, Dining Operations, Information Technology Services, the Library, Housing, and the shuttle operations to ensure that student feedback is appropriately heard and accommodated by all of the various student services offered by the College. It additionally liaises between the Student Government and Greek life organizations. The Inclusivity Officer serves as a member of the Committee.

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Student Life serves as a student representative to the Academic Standards Committee.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations Committee supervises students through the process of forming new clubs, advises existing groups, and works with the budget committee to best determine how to financially support student organizations. It also ensures that the constitutions of all student organizations uphold basic College policy.

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Student Organizations co-chairs the Standing Committee on Budget.


The Standing Committee on Sustainability promotes the environmental sustainability of Lafayette, through coordinated programming efforts with the Office of Sustainability or advising student organizations and the College’s operations.