Spring 2023 Elections and Applications Information

2023 Executive Board

President: Olivia Puzio ’25

Vice President: Thania Hernandez ’25

Treasurer: Areeb Atheeque ’25

Communications Officer: Nazary Gonzalez ’24

Inclusivity Officer: Mariama Bah ’24

Parliamentarian: Trebor Maitin ’24


Elections and Applications Timeline

Feb. 20 – Feb. 24: General Body interviews

Feb. 28: Gavel Passing

Candidate Responsibilities

Each candidate running for an elected position must fill out an intent to run form by a specified date laid out by the Elections Committee and attend (or their designee if studying abroad) an elections meeting.

Each candidate shall meet all requirements of the office that they seek. Failure of a candidate to meet the requirements shall constitute cause for the removal of the candidate from the election ballot.

Each candidate shall be responsible for the conduct of their campaign workers.

Failure of a candidate to cease a violation of the election rules after having been so advised by a member of the Elections Committee shall constitute cause for removal of the candidate from the call and/or disqualification from being elected.

Voter Eligibility and Privileges

Only Lafayette College students enrolled at the time of the Student Government elections are eligible to vote in the election.

Each student voting may cast one vote each for Student Government President and all Executive Board positions.

Elections Committee

Elections Committee will be composed of President, Vice President (if a senior or not returning to Student Government), previous Student Government members, and the Student Government Adviser.

The Committee will be responsible for:

Creating the ballots

Creating the rules for candidates, approving candidate marketing strategies, and imposing elections sanctions on rule-breaking candidates

Reviewing intent to run forms

Approving funding for candidates

Lafayette College Election Manual