The Student Government of Lafayette College

The Student Government is the representative governing body of the undergraduates of Lafayette College.  In addition to providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas on matters of general concern to the College community and to communicate such concerns as the Student Government deems desirable to appropriate College agencies, Student Government also:

  • promotes campus life.
  • furthers the interests of the student body.
  • supports student organizations and recognizes new student organizations.
  • allocates funds to student groups and organizations and does so in the best interest of the student body.
  • works closely with faculty and the Board of Trustees on Standing Committees.
  • encourages students to develop leadership qualities.
  • encourages students to exemplify qualities of responsible citizenship.
  • functions cooperatively with other constituent bodies to achieve the mission and purpose of the College.

Expectations for Members of Student Government

  • Serve as an ambassador for Lafayette and hold oneself to the highest standards of conduct and behavior.
  • Hold peers accountable and set a good example by exhibiting community values and College expectations.
  • Strong interpersonal and time management skills. Creative, motivated, and possess a strong work ethic.
  • Broad knowledge of College structures, procedures, and policies.
  • Adapt to change, maintain high energy, and a positive attitude.
  • Attend and participate in Student Government weekly General Body meetings, weekly committee meetings, and/or Board of Trustee committee meetings, training, and Passing the Gavel ceremony.


The Student Government shall have 27 members; 6 members of the Executive Board and 21 members of the General Body–7 Representatives from the freshman, sophomore, and junior class years. All Executive Officers will be elected from the full-time students of Lafayette College who have served at least one semester on the Student Government. All of the General Body members shall have the right to vote on all matters of the Student Government with the exception of budgets.

Term of Office

The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Inclusivity Officer, and Parliamentarian, which comprise the Executive Board, are elected in November for one-year terms. The elected Executive Board then reviews Representative applications.

Representatives shall be interviewed through an application process and take office at the end of the fall semester and serve for one year.

All members shall take their official oath of office at the Gavel Passing Ceremony at the end of the fall semester.


Executive Officers

Any full-time student of Lafayette College, who is not on academic or disciplinary probation, who has served at least one semester on the Student Government, and who is not a graduating in the academic year in which the election occurs is eligible to run for an Executive Board position on the Student Government.

General Body Representatives

All full-time students who are in good academic and disciplinary standings and not graduating in the year in which the application process occurs are eligible to become a Representative.

Ex Officio Delegates

Any second-semester seniors who served on the Student Government during the full fall semester of their senior year may serve as Ex-Officio Delegates.